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Submitting Soil Samples for Fertility Analysis- 2 Samples Allowed per Patron.

  1. For each area to be tested, submit representative samples by removing 10–20 narrow slices or cores of soil (use a garden trowel or other sampling device). Mix slices or cores together thoroughly in a bucket or other container and place 1–2 cups of the mixture in a sealable, waterproof bag such as a Ziplock bag. If more than one area is sampled, repeat this procedure for both areas. If samples are wet let them dry before packaging.

  2. Sampling depths. For lawns, Christmas tree plantations and field grown woody plants, sample the upper 0-4 inches of soil. For gardens, landscape plantings and commercial row crop production fields, sample the upper 0-6 inches of soil. For plants grown in containers, sample the entire depth of the potting media.

  3. Label each sample with an identifying name and location or crop to insure that results are recognizable.

  4. Bring samples to the program at the bookstore on April 23, or at the latest, during the bookstore hours on Thursday, April 27. Be sure your form from the Windsor agricultural station as provided by the bookstore are stapled to the bags.

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